Saturday, March 26, 2011

What do I do when my love is away?

No, it doesn't worry me to be alone.  I actually enjoy a little time to reflect on life and my relationships.  Today is a good day to read and lounge around, even though I should be at the gym or doing something productive.  It will take me a little while to get the hang of blogging --- still feels a little creepy to me.  So, therefore things may be uninteresting or trivial........may never be honest with you dear blog.......too many secrets underneathe and heartache......... love the phrase in Titanic when Rose says that a woman's heart is like the ocean........ so true.  Never put anything in writing --- that's how one gets in trouble.  But what if writing is a release?  What to do then?  Life Goes On after tragic incidents........need to be willing to risk in order to grow.  But, is the risk too great?

Friday, March 25, 2011



The audacity to take every breath for granted -
Complain about being planted -

When in fact, should I roam -
I would fear I have no home.

A thought to ponder

Why is it that the stories we tell about our lives are so much better than the moments we live? 

Movies, books, TV shows, memories and photographs depict the essence of the moment that is so touching, meaningful, heartbreaking and joyous...... and yet it is just the essence ...... not the actual experience that touches us.

So hard to live and be in the moment.  That is the ultimate challenge and goal of human existence.